Predicting Popular 2018 Wedding Trends

Is it just me or has 2018 gone by way too fast so far? I was hoping to savor every moment of this year that I could, but in the blink of an eye, this month has nearly passed! I thought I’d kick off the year with starting up a blog! I decided to write this first entry on some trends I’m thinking could catch some popularity in the coming months! Comment below what you’re thinking too! Here we go! ๐Ÿ™‚

Simplicity is in Style

One of the biggest up and coming trends I’ve noticed lately (and I’m quite a fan of it!) is simple makeup. Yes, the glitz and glam on your wedding day can turn out beautifully, but sometimes the more natural route can suit a bride so well on their big day!

Photographer: Danielle Bond // Dress: A & Be Bridal // Flowers: Sugar in Stems

Becoming One in Blue (and Other Colors Too!)

I am really hoping this next trend will catch on quickly! Gone are the days of the plain (yet ever-so-classic) white wedding dresses! Why not upgrade to an off-white, blush pink, pale blue, or even a lavender gown to spice things up!

Photographers: Elizabeth Ann & Chelsea with Spika Photography // Location: Moss Event Venue // Couch: Patina Preferred // Dress: Emma & Grace Bridal

Photographer: Yasiris Torres // Flowers: Bella Calla // Dress: The Altar Bridal Consignment // Location: TihsreeD Lodge

Photographer: Elle Studios & Ginny Haupert // Dress: Silk Fairy Creations // Crown: Eden Luxe Bridal